Saturday, May 28, 2005

New Insight

I'm currently reading in Psalms. I've been reading through the Bible and a year and 1/2 later, I am in Psalms. Yesterday one of the verses says that what we "sow in tears" will be "reaped in song." It is a great reminder for me that although life can be difficult, God rewards faithfulness. The day before, one of the Psalms that I read began with, "if the Lord had not been our help..." It was speaking of how God sustained the Isrealites in the Old Testament and I just picture a black preacher like Tony Evans preach'n it! That is a cool verse to me because I cannot even imagine the kind of trouble I'd be in if "the Lord had not been our help". It reminds me of another verse in Genesis when Jacob wrestles with God and afterward he says, "surely the Lord was in this place and I was not aware of it." How many times do we forget or take for granted that God is all present and always with us and always on our side if we put our trust in Him!

Switching gears, I've lost more weight! I've been working really hard to be consistent. Weekends are always the worst because my schedule is different and I enjoy more eating out. But anyway, here is my "ticker":

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

A New Day

So, I have been working to lose weight since January. So far I have lost almost 20 pounds. I am aiming to lose another 2o. I am a little frustrated though because I have reached a plateau and I have been at the same weight for what seems like two months now. The good news is that I have not gained weight. The bad news is that I have not lost weight. The way that I have lost weight is by good ole fashioned eating better and exercising. I rotate between walk aerobics and pilates. I also ride my bike when it is nice outside. My body shape has drastically changed as I have toned up, built muscle and lost fat. I'm falling out of my old clothes. Just this past weekend I was fitting into size 12 clothes (from a size 16)! I have to buckle up again on my food portions. I have really let go and not been so intention on controlling what I eat. I have been really good at choosing "good for me" foods like whole grains, fiber and fruit. Those are all foods that I like anyway so it hasn't been too hard. I've also been drinking water only at home and diet soda as a treat if I dine out. Dr. Phil said, "If you choose the behavior, then you choose the consequence." Well, I know that is not an original thought on his part but I have been helped by that phrase. At least I'm owning up to my food behaviors. Yesterday was not a good day for me. I had so many food cravings and I allowed myself to be controlled by them. I was not feeling well and pigged out. Actually, when I looked back on my food journal, the damage was not as bad as I had imagined. But it was outside of the normal range of control that I generally keep over my food choices. So, that is enough about food right now...its making me hungry!;10731;131;0;0/c/-18.59/t/-37/k/8287/weight.png

Monday, May 23, 2005

Blog Dreams

My first blog! Today marks the beginning of my blogging adventure. I'm not some philosophical thinker but instead a rather normal stay at home mother of two. I call my blog "blog dreams" because here I can dream up or write about whatever I want. I just don't know what yet! Happy blogging!